Stop treating the Internet like television: #FreetheFeed!

The Online Streaming Act (formerly Bill C-10) is making its return, and still has the wrong approach: treating the Internet like broadcast television just doesn’t make sense.

Now known as Bill C-11, the government’s legislation puts the CRTC in charge of deciding what type of content should be at the top of our feed. New loopholes give the CRTC even MORE power to decide that even more content should fall under their regulation - putting the content of many small creators on platforms like Youtube and Spotify under their control, while excluding those creators from CanCon financial support. 

Tell our government: don’t apply a broadcasting regulation approach to the Internet. Respect our choices, don’t force content on us. Support ALL Canadian creators, not just your friends in legacy media. 

Join us in taking action and calling for Minister Rodriguez to fix Bill C-11 and #FreetheFeed! 

To: Canadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez

Government of Canada

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We don’t have to tell you: the Internet is not a one-way broadcast signal. But Online Streaming Act Bill C-11 continues Bill C-10’s mistakes by treating the entire web like a 1980s television or radio, with the CRTC in charge of it all. 

 Here’s some of the core issues remaining with Bill C-11:

  1. User-generated audiovisual content like TikToks and podcasts is STILL subject to regulation if the CRTC sees fit;1
  2. The CRTC is still being given regulatory power over most audiovisual platforms on the Internet, whether or not they do substantial business in Canada;2
  3. The CRTC still has the power to decide what shows up in your feed, putting some officially recognized “Canadian” content (CanCon) to the top while hiding other content you wanted to see;3
  4. The whole system still depends on 1980s era definitions of what counts as Canadian content that doesn’t consider or support digital-first creators.4

While much remains rotten with Bill-C11, the legislative process is far from over. Bill C-10 was stopped dead in its tracks last year, and we have the power to fix or stop Bill C-11 too! 

Let’s support ALL Canada’s creators while protecting ourselves from a massively overreaching CRTC. Take action and #FreetheFeed!


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