Stop the Harvest!

Every day, a shadowy network of companies is taking, buying, and selling the most intimate details of our lives. They spy on our physical and mental health, our shopping lists, our friend networks, and where we go each hour. In doing so, they undermine our ability to control our digital lives and restrict our free will online and off. Privacy? That’s just a word to them.

Our governments are failing to stand up to them, convinced that their unlimited right to take, use, and sell our sensitive personal information is just too profitable to restrict. 

We’re saying enough is enough. If you’re tired of being treated like a product, and having your privacy rights ignored by lawmakers, take the first step towards controlling your online identity by signing the petition to stop the harvest of our data!

I am not a product. I will not tolerate my information being taken, used, and sold without my knowledge and permission.

I demand that my government and the companies I do business with take steps to give me control of my digital life and agency over the choices that I make, online and off.


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We’re seeing it again and again – information about us is being gathered up, sold, and then weaponized to be used against us: Our faces being stolen and sold to law enforcement,1 our ability to participate in democracy being undermined,2 our locations and bodies being constantly monitored,3,4,5 even our children are being watched and having their data sold.6

The company that owns the app you put on your phone is just the start. Your sensitive personal data is then sold to dozens or even hundreds of other companies — spreading it through databases around the world. Companies call it analytics, marketing, insights – but for us it’s mass, indiscriminate surveillance.

Just because it’s being done, doesn’t mean that it’s okay. In theory, laws exist to protect and restrict these uses of our sensitive information, but they’re so outdated and underenforced that they’ve become mostly meaningless. 

So if you’re tired of being tracked, counted, categorized, bought, used, and sold, sign the petition and together let’s take the first step to stop the harvest of our personal data!



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