A Big Telecom scheme to cut Canadians out of savings? NO WAY!

Rogers just said the quiet part out loud: the whole system is rigged. They’re selectively handing certain companies affordable access to their networks — a scheme to get final approval for their anti-affordability Shaw buyout.1

All this, while MASSIVELY overcharging real competitors and customers, and contributing to the total collapse of independent Internet providers in Canada.2,3

Email Innovation Minister Champagne NOW if you agree: EVERYONE in Canada deserves to reap the benefits of fair pricing, not just when it helps line Big Telecom’s pockets!

To: Minister François-Philippe Champagne

Minister François-Philippe Champagne

Government of Canada

Minister François-Philippe Champagne

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

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To help push their Shaw buyout over the finish line, Rogers is unfairly offering a boost to another company, Vidéotron, through discounted access to the Rogers network. This special deal makes it abundantly clear that independent Internet service providers (ISPs) can’t compete in the Canadian telecom market without special treatment.4,5

Independent ISPs play an incredibly vital role in the fight for affordable connectivity. As competitors, they can threaten monopolies and drive prices downward — but not while being dogpiled by Big Telecom’s jacked-up wholesale access pricing, anti-competition CRTC regulation, and a federal government who turns the other cheek to the near-total collapse of Internet competition.6-10

It’s UNFAIR to let telecom giants prioritize their own corporate interests while crushing indie providers who actually care about saving people money. Tell Minister Champagne: Lower Internet prices in Canada by making Big Telecom’s special discounts available to ALL indie ISPs!

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