Speak to the CRTC Chair: Your Vision for Canada's Internet & Telecom Future

UPDATE: (June 29th, 2023) The window for comment submissions has now closed, check out our reportback blog for details about our meeting. Scroll down to read comments by other community members, and keep an eye on openmedia.org for more updates on this issue and others! Thank you for your support.

On June 28, OpenMedia will be meeting with Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications (CRTC) Chair Vicky Eatrides to discuss all things related to your online feeds, news, and affordability and competition in Canada. 

What do you want us to tell the CRTC you need? What should she prioritize in regulating the Big Three Telecom giants, online platforms, online news and all the rest? Leave your comments below about what you think the CRTC should be prioritizing first!

Canada’s Internet has never faced so much change. Rogers has won approval to buy Shaw, and small Internet competitors are disappearing. Online content is now under CRTC regulation under Bill C-11 – and we’re waiting to see whether they’ll respect our content and online choices, or force content on us. And through Bill C-18, the CRTC could soon be deciding who is a trusted source of news, and who isn’t. As they weigh their existing and new mandates, it is important to ensure that the needs and interests of people in Canada – your needs – are fully considered. The CRTC plays a crucial role in shaping the landscape of telecommunications and media in Canada, and its decisions can significantly impact all of our lives.

We want to hear from you about the issues that matter most to you when it comes to telecommunications and broadcasting in Canada. Some of the issues that we plan to raise with the CRTC Chair include:

  • Access to affordable and reliable broadband Internet;
  • The regulation of online content and platforms – Canada’s addressing what’s loosely called ‘online harms’;1
  • The role of public broadcasting in Canadian media and implementation of the Online News Act, Bill C-18;2
  • The promotion of Canadian content and culture and implementation of the Online Streaming Act, Bill C-11;3

This is our opportunity to make sure YOUR voices are reflected. We need to make sure the CRTC knows how high Internet and mobile prices are affecting you, and ensure that the CRTC's implementation of Bill C-11 works for YOU. 

That’s the starting point – but are there other Internet issues that you believe are important to bring up? Your comments will help us to shape our message to the CRTC Chair and ensure that we are advocating for policies and practices that reflect the needs and interests of people in Canada.

Please take a moment to share your thoughts. We'll make sure to incorporate your comments into our meeting with the CRTC Chair!


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