Tell your MP: Get the AI regulation puzzle right!

This is the future we’re looking at: More deepfake technology, invasive AI surveillance, and spreading misinformation that could jeopardize our democracy.1,2,3

Canada must regulate how AI is used – and we have to get it right. Currently, our government has shoehorned vague and permissive rules about AI into Bill C-27, a privacy reform Bill, and is calling that enough. But without key fixes, we’re looking at another half-baked legislation that enables abuse rather than prevents it.

This bill has the power to shape the future of AI and it needs proper scrutiny to ensure it is comprehensive, forward-thinking legislation. Tell your MP to give AI regulation the full study it deserves!

AI technology is being integrated into all we do day by day. We need carefully constructed laws that protect YOU from its potential harms. 

Unfortunately, rather than taking the time to craft careful, thought-out legislation the government is trying to sneak a minimal level of AI regulation into Bill C-27, Canada’s long overdue privacy bill. That’s a double risk, distracting our MPs attention from getting C-27’s vital privacy provisions right, while risking rushing through inadequate AI rules without the proper scrutiny they deserve.4

The AI rules aren’t ready. So far, the development of AIDA hasn't included any broad consultations on what the public wants or rights experts recommend; and that’s led to a bill with broad areas of uncertainty about what types of AI are regulated, or what AI conduct is illegal. The worst part? These AI rules only apply to private citizens and companies – there’s no regulation of how law enforcement and security agencies use AI at all.5

This version of AIDA in Bill C-27 is Canada’s first attempt at regulating this technology – and its implications are monumental for the future of AI. This legislation is undeniably one of the most crucial pieces of our legal framework, and must be gotten right.

This isn't the end of the road. If you raise your voice now, we can ensure that the government puts more time into AIDA and strengthens this Bill before passing it. We still have an opportunity to influence the outcome of this bill while the Standing Committee on Industry, Science, and Technology (INDU) reviews it – but we need to speak up NOW. 

Like it or not, AI seems like it is going to be a bigger part of our lives in Canada in the near future. We need rules on its use that really look out for us. We need laws that put our rights first and understand the problems AI can cause. Tell your MP they have a choice: either they can AIDA from C-27 and get it fixed elsewhere, or at minimum make significant amendments to it to give us stronger AI protections.


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