Protect Our Privacy

Protect Our Privacy Position Statement

 The Protect Our Privacy Coalition is made of people and organizations that have come together to ensure Canadians secure effective legal measures to protect their privacy against government intrusion.

The broad-based coalition includes organizations and individuals from a wide range of political perspectives, including citizen-based groups, civil liberties groups, privacy advocates, organizations from across the political spectrum, First Nations groups, labour groups, small businesses and academic experts, all of whom have signed onto the statement:

“More than ever, Canadians need strong, genuinely transparent, and properly enforced safeguards to secure privacy rights. We call on Government to put in place effective legal measures to protect the privacy of every resident of Canada against intrusion by government entities.”

If your organization would like to endorse this coalition statement please fill in the following form: 

The Protect Our Privacy Coalition is supported by:

Experts, Academics and Public Figures Who Support the Protect Our Privacy Coalition:

Prof. Lisa Austin
Caleb Behn, Indigenous Leader
Prof. Colin Bennett
Prof. Cindy Blackstock
Prof. Andrew Clement
Prof. Kathleen Cross
Shawna Finnegan, Privacy Advocate
Prof. Craig Forcese
Prof. Michael Geist
Prof. Ian Goldberg
Prof. Linda M. Harasim
Prof. Ian Kerr
Mallory Knodel, Privacy Advocate
Dr Monia Mazigh
Prof. Normand Landry
Prof. David Lyon
Prof. Randall Marlin
Dr. Kate Milberry, Privacy Advocate
Prof. Benjamin Muller
Dr. Jonathan Obar
Christopher Parsons, fellow at Centre for Global Studies
Claudiu Popa, Privacy & Security Advocate
Prof. Leslie Shade
Dr. Andrea Slane
Prof. David Murakami Wood