Call on the FCC to Restore Net Neutrality

UPDATE 4/20/20 - This petition is now close. Over 14,600 petition signatures, including 3,600 unique comments were submitted to the FCC as part of this campaign. Thank you to all who took action to protect the open Internet!

Late last year, a federal court halted parts of Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) repeal of Net Neutrality, claiming that the FCC did not consider public safety, low income users and broadband infrastructure when making the repeal.1

The FCC is now conducting another public comment period to implement a new repeal and we only have until April 20 to make a submission.2 If we can submit enough comments to show the FCC that the American public still supports Net Neutrality, then we can make a new repeal politically toxic.

Sign the petition calling on the FCC to fully restore Net Neutrality to protect the open Internet!

We, the undersigned, call on the FCC to restore the 2015 Open Internet Order to protect the Internet from corporate influence. 

All signatures and comments will be filed to the FCC on April 20th.

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Millions of people are now stuck at home relying on the Internet for work, study, entertainment, human connection and access to government services as a result of COVID-19. 
Never has the open Internet been more important. 
But thanks to Ajit Pai’s and the FCC’s decision to repeal Net Neutrality, Big Cable is able to decide what you see and do online.3 Without Net Neutrality, Big Cable can create fast and slow lanes and pick what online services use each lane to benefit the bottom line. 
This has allowed them to throttle services like Netflix and Skype that may compete with their own products, or even charge companies extra to get special access to customers.4
Not only that, it has allowed companies like Verizon to throttle the Internet of first responders during emergencies to force them into more expensive plans.5
This is why the federal courts ruled that the FCC did not consider public safety, low income users and broadband infrastructure when making the decision to repeal Net Neutrality. While most of the repeal is still in place, the FCC now has to submit a new decision to fully implement the repeal once again. 
Big Cable will do everything in their power to flood the FCC with comments in opposition to Net Neutrality, which makes it even more important that we speak out in favour. Last time the FCC gathered comments on Net Neutrality, Big Cable went so far as to submit FAKE comments -- they will stop at nothing to benefit their bottom line.6
Sign the petition before April 20 to add your voice in support of the free and open Internet.


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