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Your pandemic Internet story is needed to fix Canada’s Broadband Crisis

It’s been more than five months since Rural Economic Development Minister Monsef said applications for Internet connectivity funding would open, quote: “in the coming days”.1 So far, no one’s seen a dime.

With every day of COVID-19 that Monsef sits on her hands, millions of rural and low-income people caught in the Broadband Crisis are falling further behind. By sharing your story of how poor connectivity is affecting you and those close to you, we’ll ramp up the pressure for Monsef’s office to finally fix it.

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On June 8th, 2020, Minister Maryam Monsef said she’d be accelerating the rollout of existing broadband funding—which has been sitting stagnant since March of last year—to help connect people caught in the COVID-19 Broadband Crisis.2

For millions of people in Canada, COVID-19 has turned the Digital Divide into a full-blown emergency. Without affordable, quality Internet during COVID-19, rural and low-income kids aren’t getting a proper education, millions of people can’t do their jobs, and racial inequalities for Indigenous people are getting worse.3-6

It’s an outrage that Monsef can’t even get the ball rolling for this reheated pre-pandemic funding, let alone the other calls to action made during the Broadband Crisis.7 Every day of her office’s inaction is costing people in ways that can't be repaid. 

We need your voice to join the uproar. Tell Maryam Monsef your story of how a lack of affordable, decent Internet has hurt you and your community during the pandemic. Together, our voices will be too loud for her to ignore.


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