Want to do even more to build community broadband?

Are you a municipal leader who wants to bring better Internet to your community?

Local governments can ensure community broadband networks enable cheaper, faster Internet to communities that have been left behind.

What is community broadband?

Community broadband is an independent Internet service provided by the community or a small independent ISP to residents. Infrastructure is typically invested in by the local government, and is an alternative to Big Telecom’s privately-owned networks. Learn more...

The case for community broadband

Community broadband offers an independent alternative to services provided by large telecom conglomerates. A community broadband network is typically invested in by the local government, and Internet services can be sold by municipalities themselves, nonprofits, small ISPs, co-operatives, public utilities, public-private partnerships, and other community organizations.

Featured Community Broadband Leaders

Coquitlam: B.C.'s fibre trail blazer

In 2008, Coquitlam, B.C., became the first-ever municipality in Canada to lease out its unused fibre optic capacity to telecom service providers through the Coquitlam Optical Network Corporation — or QNet. In this way, the fibre optic cables within Coquitlam power community services and also provide fibre to other companies in an indirect supplier relationship. The philosophy is simple — with the infrastructure there, why not provide the best framework for all who want to participate, and in turn improve their services? The best part, of course, is that the revenue feeds back into the... Read more



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