Demand your MP stand up for affordable Internet NOW!

Canada is fed up with our government’s empty promises of Internet affordability. They’ve strung us along for YEARS, and what do we have to show for it? We’re over halfway through 2020 and still struggling through a global pandemic, but yet our prices are going up, not down.1

We’re done waiting for the government to ensure Internet affordability for all. We need to get our individual federal MPs up off the sidelines and force them to DO something about this.

As a voter in their riding, your MP knows you’re watching their actions and will be deciding whether to vote for them in the next Federal election. Email them now and demand to know what real action they’re taking for Internet affordability!

Email your MP now and demand more affordable Internet!

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Canada has endured years of stagnant progress on our sky-high Internet bills relative to other developed economies, which keeps many folks underutilizing their connections or off home Internet entirely. Today, we’re struggling through a pandemic that’s made the Internet more important than any other time in history.2-4

Slowing the spread of the virus through physical distancing has pushed things like work, school, and healthcare online. But that means that those who can’t afford to connect to high-speed Internet, or can’t access it at all, have been largely cut off from basic services. Some have been forgoing other essentials like groceries just to afford their Internet bills.5

With the renewed pressure COVID-19 put on affordable Internet, many folks had faith the government would finally deliver. But instead of rewarding our trust, Innovation Minister Bains sold us out; in August, he sided with Big Telecom to raise prices even more.6

For the OpenMedia community, that was the last straw. The government has officially run out the clock  and Canada’s patience on Internet affordability.

Your MP is your voice in Parliament: they care what voters like you think, and they need to hear you’re done waiting around for the government to act. If they hear from enough of their constituents, they’ll be forced to do something about it. Email your MP now and ask them what steps they’re taking to ensure your riding has affordable Internet.


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