Stop history’s most dangerous FCC appointment!

UPDATE: Simington has been confirmed to the FCC as of December 8, 2020 — but this fight isn't over yet. OpenMedia is gearing up to take action at the FCC to get Net Neutrality reinstated and protect our Section 230 online freedoms. Want to be notified when this campaign goes live? Sign up now to receive OpenMedia's emails!

Trump’s final FCC nominee Nathan Simington is the biggest threat to the Internet we’ve seen in years — even bigger than Ajit Pai.

Backed by telecom giants and coauthor of President Trump’s plan to smash Internet speech protections, Simington has all the makings of an anti-Internet super soldier. His prime directive? Force through legislation to gut Section 230 and allow the FCC to police what we say online.1

The Senate could confirm Simington within days. But luckily, some of the votes he needs are teetering on the edge; if we put enough pressure on our reps, we can turn the tides of this fight. Email your Senator now asking them to VOTE NO on Simington’s FCC appointment!

When two term Republican FCC commissioner Michael O’Reilly spoke up for First Amendment rights against this administration’s attack on Section 230, President Trump kicked him out immediately — and took aim to replace him with someone who would be more loyal to Presidential decrees.2

That someone is Nathan Simington, a telecom lawyer who’s been backed by the lobby that fought to kill Net Neutrality, and helped Trump write his executive order for online censorship.3

That executive order was a dangerous mistake, giving unelected, politically-appointed bodies power over the rules that govern our speech online. We can’t let President Trump and Mitch McConnell push through this dangerous threat to online freedom. Email your Senator and tell them: block Simington’s FCC confirmation NOW!


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