Call Your MP: Affordable Internet NOW!

In Canada, we pay some of the highest prices in the world for Internet and mobile data.1 Our government keeps promising they’ll fix it, but we're not catching up. 

We’re making sure our representatives know we’re done waiting for cheaper Internet! If enough of us flood their phone lines and voicemail, MPs will be forced to make this issue a priority — or risk losing their seat in Parliament. Call your MP and tell them: we need affordable Internet NOW!

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  • In Canada, we pay some of the highest prices in the world for Internet and mobile data. Many people in our riding can’t afford an Internet plan that meets the CRTC’s national speed target of 50/10 Mbps, even if it’s technically available where they live. That wasn’t acceptable before the pandemic, and it certainly shouldn’t be coming out of it.
  • The government’s efforts to address the gap have been half-hearted and contradictory. From low and voluntary mobile affordability targets, to overriding the CRTC’s wholesale rates, they haven’t taken a consistent, serious plan in place to fix the problem.
  • You, as my MP, need to commit to fixing it. As my representative, I want you to take action to make my Internet bill affordable. I support policy action to give me more choice of Internet and wireless providers. Increasing market competition is the best way to reduce telecom prices and drive innovation in Canada. Widespread, reasonably costed wholesale access to the largest telecom networks is one way to increase competition; breaking them up is another. Both should be on the table for our government.
  • Remember that you’re elected on behalf of us, not Big Telecom. I’ve seen Big Telecom choose their interests and world-leading profits over my connectivity needs, and those of my fellow voters, time and again. Our government needs to stop listening to their lobbyists, and start listening to voters.
  • It’s time for the government to step in and fix this broken system. As my representative, please act quickly to ensure everyone in our riding can afford good-quality Internet, regardless of income level or where they live.

Important guidelines:

  • Be kind. You’ll likely be connected to a staff member at your MP’s office, not your MP themselves. That staff member is just the messenger — so treat them with kindness and respect!
  • If you get their voicemail, leave a message! Even if no one picks up the phone, a voicemail flooded with messages is just as impactful as speaking directly to a human.
  • Take a moment to get familiar with your talking points before calling. When you click “MAKE THE CALL”, you’ll be immediately patched through, so read the three key points in the tool above before calling. And feel free to share with your MP why internet affordability is important to you, as one of their voters.

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Why is this day of action so important?

The government and the CRTC have relied on Big Telecom for decades to connect everyone in Canada to affordable, high-quality Internet. But that strategy hasn't worked.

Too much Internet choice and affordability is a direct threat to Big Telecom’s world-leading profits and power in Canada. They’ve proven they’re willing to fight to keep our Internet too expensive, and make it harder for indie providers to offer you cheaper alternatives.

The government should be protecting us from these giants and their abusive business practises — but they aren’t. Instead, they’re backing Big Telecom when it counts, directly upholding unaffordable Internet prices across the country.2

Right now, they’re hearing from too many lobbyists, and not enough citizens and voters. But we can change the equation. We’re done waiting around for the Internet to magically become affordable under Big Telecom’s rule; we’re going to make the government listen to people, not telecom giants. Call your MP and tell them to bring cheaper Internet to your riding NOW!


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