UPDATE: Bill C-10 is currently in front of the Senate, having cleared the House of Commons. With Parliament on summer recess since June 23rd, the Senate won’t continue its examination of C-10 until Parliament resumes in September. But should a federal election take place before then, Bill C-10 will “die”, meaning it loses its progress in the stages of becoming a law — but will likely be reintroduced from the beginning in the new session of Parliament.

Our government just used a gag order to shut down further debate of Bill C-10. In a shocking move not seen since the 1990s, they’ve cut off review of the Bill, and are rushing it to a Parliament vote as soon as they can.1

Make no mistake: Bill C-10 gives the CRTC huge power over every app and platform you use on the Internet. Under C-10, the CRTC will set rules to promote or bury every video, meme, and podcast we upload to the Internet, filling our feeds with their outdated 20th-century vision of what counts as “Canadian” content — whether we want it there or not.

There’s just hours left to stop this. Parliament will decide NEXT WEEK whether to vote through Bill C-10. Tell your MP NOW that this is not how we want to see our culture promoted — they MUST vote no on Bill C-10!

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When Bill C-10 was first announced, we called it a bad Bill and spoke out against it. By awkwardly applying 20th-century broadcasting regulation to the Internet, it threatened to drive major online platforms out of Canada, while doing nothing to reform our broken system for determining and supporting official Canadian content, or support the homegrown Canadian creators already flourishing on the social web.2

Then our government made C-10 much, much worse. In a surprise move, they pulled section 4.1 from the Bill, a crucial exemption for user-generated content. Now all our audio-visual content on platforms — all the memes, Youtube and Tiktok videos, podcasts we make and love — are subject to full broadcasting regulation by the CRTC.

Don’t get confused - the CRTC is STILL getting this power under C-10. While recent amendments have somewhat narrowed the scope of the CRTC’s power, Heritage policy staff confirmed on June 9th that the Bill will still give the CRTC the power to instruct platforms to modify their algorithms to guarantee that a set percentage of our feeds and search results show officially recognized Canadian content, not the material from our friends and follows most relevant to our search.3

The government has lied to us again and again about this Bill. They told us that user content would never be regulated — but it is. They told us that removing section 4.1 didn’t matter, as we’d be exempt as legal individuals from CRTC regulation — but our speech as users, the most important part of the Internet, very clearly was and is regulated. Now that they’ve seen they aren’t going to get the wide support they want for their disastrous Bill, they’re cutting off ALL further debate — including considering their own amendments that could strengthen the Bill!

This is not how you make good legislation, and not how democracy should work. We need to send our leaders a strong message that we demand better policy and better process from them.4

If you haven’t already, tell your MP to vote NO on Bill C-10, and demand Broadcasting reform that is actually about supporting Canadian arts and culture – not taking control of the Internet.


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