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What’s this all about?

The OpenMedia community is debating whether a family of raccoons or the Jonas Brothers would do better than the Rogers family in overseeing most of Canada’s home Internet and wireless services. Absurd, right?

What’s even more absurd: the fact that our government could actually put the out-of-control Rogers family dynasty in charge of the largest share of telecom in Canada by approving the Rogers-Shaw deal.

This chaotic family needs to have less control over our Internet, not more. Tell Minister Champagne: Scrap the Rogers-Shaw deal NOW, and finally bring meaningful Internet choice and competition to Canada!

To: François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry of Canada

Stop the Rogers-Shaw deal NOW, and demand more Internet choice and affordability for people in Canada!

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To: François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry of Canada

As a concerned individual in Canada, I am urging you to block Rogers Communications from buying out Shaw Communications. 

The shameful public infighting between members of the Rogers family and board has confirmed that the company is in no position to be assuming more control over the future of Canada’s telecommunications market. Building 5G infrastructure and getting the majority of rural Canada effectively connected are huge challenges that will require a steady and public interest-minded hand. Considering the huge market share and power that Rogers already holds over our connectivity, their visibly dangerous instability puts the digital rights of millions of people at risk. If Rogers is allowed to buy Shaw, that power will grow even more — putting a single, out-of-control family in charge of the greatest number of home Internet and wireless customers in the country.

Even ignoring the chaos around the Rogers family’s current conflict, the Rogers-Shaw deal is still bad for Canadians. We already pay some of the highest prices in the world for Internet and wireless services; this buyout will make prices even more expensive by reducing competition in a market already dominated by a handful of telecom giants.

No telecom provider — but especially not a family dynasty like Rogers — should have such dominant control over Canada’s Internet and wireless services. Please put Internet affordability first by blocking the Shaw buyout, and take additional measures to finally bring robust choice and competition to our telecom market.


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Right now, the Rogers family is publicly acting out a Games of Thrones-style power struggle for control of the telecom giant.1

Their backstabbing and infighting as members of the board have been plastered over social media and the news for weeks, in plain view of the public, shareholders, and government officials alike. Moody’s Investors Service has even labelled the Rogers governance debacle as “materially credit negative” in light of the chaos.2,3

This kind of dangerous instability puts all of our connectivity at risk — ESPECIALLY with the Rogers-Shaw buyout still on the table. Rogers is already responsible for managing too much of Canada’s home Internet and wireless services;4 if they’re allowed to purchase Shaw, they will be the country’s largest provider by far. That means more power over the Internet for Rogers than any other telecom company in the country.

No single provider should have that kind of power over our connectivity, but especially not one that treats its governance like a TV drama. Edward Rogers’ victory on Friday over the independent board of directors’ confirms what we knew all along — this is a family empire, not a business.5 Stable, affordable Internet access is too important to be used as a pawn in this family dynasty’s game. It’s up to our government to make sure that it isn’t.

Even before the current family battle royale, the Rogers-Shaw sale was a gigantic threat to the future of affordable connectivity in Canada. We’ve published a helpful blog that explains why, but it isn’t that complicated — fewer competitors always means higher prices and fewer choices for us.6

Canada’s Innovation Minister has the authority to block this buyout and cancel the unstable Rogers family’s plans to rule over more of our Internet. Sign the petition to Minister Champagne: Stop the Rogers-Shaw deal NOW, and demand more Internet choice and affordability for people in Canada!


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