Tell Trudeau: NO to Mobile Device Tracking!

Now that we know the federal government tracked the locations of 33 million mobile devices last year without our knowledge or consent, what happens next?1 

It’s time Justin Trudeau listens to the 11,000+ people in Canada demanding strong privacy protections.2 While some decision-makers in Parliament do partisan political theater, Canadians are demanding answers and legislative protection so it doesn’t happen again.

Justin Trudeau needs to hear that privacy is core to our safety and security – not a matter of party politics. Tell the Prime Minister that you #DemandPrivacy!

TO: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

CC: Minister of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development François-Philippe Champagne
Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada David Lametti 

Prime Minister
The Prime Minister's Office

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Politicians sometimes talk about privacy as if it were a threat to safety and security. In the case of the federal government secretly tracking 33 million mobile devices with the help of Telus, Liberal members of the ethics committee are defending these actions by characterizing them as safety measures.  

But these politicians don't seem to understand that without strong privacy protections, we don’t have safety or security. Something is seriously wrong when our sensitive personal information can be used in this way without our permission or knowledge.

Canada’s lack of legal privacy protections are creating an online world where:

  • Our location data is being secretly bought and sold by private companies and governments;3
  • Our health data is breached due to negligence, and without consequence;4
  • Biometric information, like records of our faces, is stolen and sold to law enforcement, putting all of us in a 24/7 police lineup.5

To truly create a safe and secure Internet, Justin Trudeau must pass new laws that strengthen the privacy rights of people in Canada – including those around consent, transparency, and accountability.6

Tell Justin Trudeau that you #DemandPrivacy today!


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