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Tell MPs: For low cell phone prices, go MVNO!

People in Canada pay some of the highest prices in the world for our phone plans.People in much of the rest of the world pay just $1/day for cell service– or even less!2

The secret to bringing our inflated prices down is no secret at all: We need more competition. The fastest globally proven way to create that competition is to allow low-cost alternate mobile providers– MVNOs to fully operate in Canada.

Join the chorus! If enough of us tell our MPs to “Go MVNO!”, we can bring lower prices and more choices to everyone in Canada!

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What’s a Mobile Virtual Network Operator?

A mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) is a low-cost, alternative cell phone carrier that offers customers cheaper, fairer options beyond those of Big Telecom.

They’re a globally successful solution to Canada’s staggering lack of competition, choice, and affordability that Bell, Rogers, and Telus don’t want us to know about.

How do they work?

It’s simple: they have a behind-the-scenes arrangement that brings YOU cheaper prices! They are third-party, “virtual” carriers who don’t own any physical cell phone towers. Instead, they buy access to wireless networks owned by other telecom companies at fair CRTC determined prices.

Why should Canada embrace MVNOs?

Canada is one of the only countries amongst our international peers that doesn’t fully allow MVNOs and never has. Despite the desperate need for competition in Canada’s telecom market, today there are only two actual, independent MVNOs– and government determined conditions aren’t set up for them or any new MVNO to flourish. Every other brand that claims to be an MVNO is actually owned by Big Telecom.2,3

MVNOs are able to offer more affordable pricing because they operate on existing cell phone towers. They rent the use of this infrastructure from Big Telecom at wholesale rates, which enables them to pass the savings onto their customers. 

To reduce the prices that people in Canada pay for cell phone plans, Canada desperately needs to introduce real competition into the market. MVNOs help bring that competition. 

Want more information?

Check out our FAQ on MVNOs to learn more!2


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